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Yamaha FZR Kit 1

Yamaha FZR Kit 1
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Model: Yamaha FZR Kit 1
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Yamaha FZR Kit 1


So you will get:

Whats in the picture for you're bike.

This kit is a full size kit and not an A4 sticker set.

Some of the graphics are not printed but made out of quality sign vinyl

(Which also can be lacquered over)

ie: The Yamaha text is made from sign vinyl

 Where as the the red and black FZR is printed using solvent inks

For best results after fitting

We recommend lacquering with a non cellulose base / none cellulose thinner


We can over laminate the "printed graphics" for uv and scratch protection.

These are full editiable by us to suit your needs so we can change any sizes. 


These are printed using solvent inks.

then either un-laminted over laminated for protection.

These can be placed on any smooth surface

ie: Motorbikes, Cars, Vans, Shop windows and many more items.


If  lamination is required

due to the printed graphics

we do not laminate them for 24hrs

giving the inks time to full dry and cure !!!!

Unlike many sellers who will

laminate them straight away

in which this can cause bubbling on the graphics.


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Yamaha FZR Kit 1
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